Are you a caregiver for an elderly person? Do you know someone who is? If so, this heartfelt, children's book is for you! I wrote it as therapy to myself during the five years I took care of my elderly father-in-law. Though I love him dearly, caring for an elderly person can be challenging! I really believe my words will encourage and benefit you and will appeal to both children and adults. The book will also make a thoughtful gift for someone in this situation. Many thanks and my deepest appreciation to Raquel Benatar of Renaissance House/Laredo Publishing for believing in my message and for working so diligently to help me promote it.
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Welcome to the official website for But, Mama, How Come Grandpa Gets To?, a new children's book by author Carolie Warren. Opening your home to care for an elderly person is both rewarding and challenging, not only  for the adults in the home, but for the children as well. This book opens the door for discussion that can lead all to developing greater compassion for the elderly. 
During the five years my husband and I took care of his elderly father, I sometimes struggled with the challenging privilege of doing so. At times, I could not help but selfishly ask, “Why do we uproot so much of our lifestyle for his sake?” In this endearing story, Mama answers that question for Bronson who realizes that Grandpa is allowed to break the rules that he is expected to follow. For those in similar situations, I hope this book will encourage you to hang in there and to make the most of these treasured moments with your loved one.
Photo: Presenting at Leeza Gibbons Care Connection Symposium

Carolie Warren presenting at Leeza Gibbons Care Connection Symposium
Leeza, "I love the book! It is so touching and inspiring!"
Reader's Digest Editor Liz Vaccariello, "What a moving, delightful tribute to your father-in-law. The simplicity of the message is outdone only by the timelessness of its message. I was moved."


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